About Us

PZCS is a leading chartered accountancy firm rendering high quality professional services in the field of Risk and Compliance Management, SOX audit, Management audit, Internal audit and Finance & Account assistance along with business process outsourcing. CA Prasant Zanvar with rich experience in this area has been a pioneer in building this organization.

  • Experience in managing a wide spectrum of finance & accounts activities encompassing process review, process documentation, risk assessment and analysis and internal auditing, Clause 49 Compliances & ERM Audits
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable statutes and reporting non-compliance if any
  • Proactive in identifying the risks associated with the business and suggesting controls to mitigate the risks
  • Working closely with the country management and senior leadership team and develop a process of periodic and meaningful communication on business risks and controls environment
  • Ensuring and promoting compliance culture across the organization
  • Conducting verification of various books of accounts to detect any possible fraud and ensuring that accounts prepared conform to accounting standards
  • Presenting a true and fair view of the financial position of the company
  • Monitoring cash flow of the company to review the cash position and forecast funds required for numerous expenses
  • Assisted clients in the preparation of MIS reports to provide timely feedback to top management on financial performance viz. fund management and aging analysis
  • Conducting Internal audits for evaluating internal control systems / procedures with a view to highlight the shortcomings and implementing necessary recommendations
  • Managing finalization of accounts under various statutes
  • Ensuring adherence to Companies Act & preparation of returns & forms under Companies Act.
  • Supervising the preparation of MIS reports to provide feedback to top management on financial performance, viz. fund management and aging analysis
  • Reviewing various budgets and their comparison with actuals on monthly basis. Involved in preparing MIS reports for giving information about product costs

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